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Carlo Gavazzi offers a broad range of solutions for monitoring power quality as well as the management of energy cost and consumption (energy management). Our product range includes panel and DIN mount displays and controllers, power quality and energy transducers, as well as software for collecting information from a network of meters. Our meters and transducers can monitor most electrical parameters including current, voltage, power factor, demand, energy, power (real and reactive). We can also monitor both current and voltage harmonic content up to the 50th harmonic. This harmonic analysis also includes the phase angle between the harmonic current and voltage allowing the user to determine if the harmonic is generated from the load or is coming from the source.Our meters and transducers also feature Analog outputs, relay outputs, digital inputs, and serial communications using either Modbus or N2-Metasys protocols. Also, many of our meters feature a storage module which allows logging or storage of alarms.

Our extensive range of energy management and power quality products are used in building automation systems, power substations, motor monitoring, resource industries, and in commercial buildings.

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