Product Brochure
Energy costs are becoming a significant expense in most processes. With increased energy unit costs, decreased generating capacity, and the environmental concerns with the burning of fossil fuels, it is important that companies reduce their electrical consumption.

Carlo Gavazzi offers a broad range of energy meters and power quality meters and transducers for monitoring energy consumption as well as problems with power quality.

In addition, with the move towards renewable energy, monitoring of photo-voltaic strings is becoming important in order to maximize generating capacity. The Gavazzi EOS Array system allows you to monitor the current, voltage, power, temperature, and irradiation levels of your entire solar installation.

In order to interface with external systems, output options include:
  • Relays
  • Analog
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Ethernet (Modbus and BacNet)
In addition to the broad range of energy meters and power quality meters, Carlo Gavazzi also offers a number of software products for monitoring of a network of meters and transducers. This allows at-a-glance viewing of your complete power system.

Product Selector

CPT Series
Compact, cost effective transducer

CPT Basic Version Datasheet
CPT Advanced Version Datasheet

EM10 EM11 Series
Innovative single-phase energy meter

EM10 Datasheet
EM11 Datasheet

EM21 Series
Three-in-One energy monitoring device

EM21 Datasheet

EM26-96 Series
Energy Meters

EM26-96 Datasheet

WM5 Series
Advanced utility meter with revenue approval

WM5 Datasheet

EOS Array
Photovoltaic monitoring system

EOS Array Datasheet
EOS Array Lite Datasheet
EOS Box Datasheet
Solar Irradiation Sensor Datasheet

Solar battery chargers

Sunbright Datasheet

WM4 Series
Advanced utility and energy analyzer

WM4 Datasheet

WM3 Series
Advanced power analyzer

WM3 Datasheet

WM30 Series
Advanced modular power analyzer

WM30 Datasheet

WM40 Series
Advanced modular power analyzer

WM40 Datasheet

WM24 Series
Class 1 Utility energy meter

WM24 Datasheet

WM14 Series
Power quality and energy meter

WM14 Basic Version Datasheet
WM14-DIN Basic VersionDatasheet
WM14 Advanced Version Datasheet

PQ Series
Advanced power quality transducers

PQT-90 Transducer Datasheet
PQT-H Revenue Approved Transducer Datasheet

CTD Series
Standard current transformers with 0-5 Amp output

Up to 300 Amps
Up to 600 Amps
Up to 1200 Amps
Up to 1600 Amps

Monitoring software for Carlo Gavazzi energy management products