Carlo Gavazzi comprehensive range of level detection products is well suited to solve most level control applications. The range is able to detect conductive and non-conductive liquids, granulates, grains, and plastics.

Gavazzi offers sensors and control relays for both on/off control and continuous monitoring of levels. Gavazzi also offers conductive probes and amplifiers, capacitive level sensors, ultrasonic sensors, magnetic level probes, and optical sensors.

Typical applications are for level control in wells and municipal water systems, protection of pumps, levels in grain elevators and feed conveyors, and level detection in vacuum delivery systems in the plastics industry.

Product Selector
Conductive Level Sensors
Probe Assemblies and Amplifiers for monitoring levels of conductive liquids.

1.5 inch modular probe (poly)
0.5 and 1 inch probe (pvc)
1.5 inch probe (nylon)
1.5 inch probe (modular)
1.5 inch probe (teflon)
Food grade probe
5 metre handing electrode
Amplifier for Hi/Low
Amplifier for Hi/Low + Alarm

Capacitive Level Sensors
Capacitive Probes and Amplifiers for monitoring levels of feeds, grains, and granular materials.

Level Probe


Optical Level Sensors
Optical Probes and Amplifiers for monitoring levels of conductive or non-conductive liquids.

Unmodulated Plastic Probe
Modulated Plastic Probe
Modulated Metal Probe
Amplifier for Hi/Low control


Ultrasonic Level Sensors
18mm, 30mm, and block style ultrasonic sensors with transistor or Analog output.

18mm with Digital Output
18mm with Analog Output
30mm with Digital Output
30mm with Analog Output
Block Style with Digital Output
Block Style with Analog Output

Mechanical Level Sensors
Level Switches in various housing styles and materials.

Level Switch


Level Contol Accessories
Various Accessories for level controls.

Alternating Relay